WE7 scores 37/40 in Jap Magazine


Youth Team
Cut and pasted from KCET Finest :

First review score for WE7 is in, from Japanese publication 'Dorimaga'. The game scored 10, 10, 9, 8, with each score coming from a different reviewer. This magazine, along with fellow videogame publication 'Famitsu', is renowned for being highly critical (difficult to score highly in), so this is a fantastic score, a total of 37/40.

Not that we didn't expect this. ;)


How big is YOUR penis?
But the game doesn`t have individual teeth . . . :(

BAH !!!!!! Who cares, as long as I can have fun with it for hours, nobody give a **** about some scarry looking Ronaldo`s teeth !!!!! Yeah, I do believe this game gameplay will once again kicks EA`s ass.


Youth Team
It would be interesting to know how much did WE6 and WE6FE scored. Just for establishing a comparison.

Here in Portugal PES2 scored realy high, and in comparison with WE6, WE6FE and even PES1, it sucked big time... since it sold so great, I'm expecting the European version to be the same type of arcady crap...

Hope Raphosody translates WE7 real fast :rockman: