WC Matchday 3: [ALG Vs SVN] + [SRB Vs GHA] + [GER Vs AUS]


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A pretty enjoyable game so far, and Germany are showing their skill and proving how dangerous they can be.

As far as the noise thing is concerned... It has been coming down since the SA-Mex game, and I love that, which means my concerned for them has gone way down.


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WOW !!!

I'm really impressed that Klose has stroken.
He was in a horrible bad form the last month.

GO AHEAD GERMANY !!! ( Or, for other "Dschörmeni" )


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Guess that's the end of that game... Not a red card in my opinion.

That missed opportunity by germany... would have been a great goal


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Sending offs in all of the day's matches. That was harsh on Cahill.

Schwarzer is getting bombarded.


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woow... they are playing soo well, it's scary..

Here is were if Australia decides to bunker down, I wouldn't blame them


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Holy ****! Muller! That lanky son of a bitch is good (couldn't help but laugh, remembering Shifty, when his dribble took the ball a meter away from him).

Also, it's not a matter of Poldi and Klose only playing their best footie for the national side, they're playing everyone's best footie. Out of form, you say? This is how a striker and faux-forward combination is supposed to work, **** Messi-Tevez-Higuain. Germany are doing what everyone expected Argentina to do. Creative forward men putting on a clinic, with the centre mids barely getting involved, concentrating on facilitating the forwards can do their job.

Cacau - Midas Touch.


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Muller is a great, complete player. I'm becoming a big fan of Germany, they really mastered the through ball - forward run. Klose was decent but I was more impressed by Cacau personally. Klose would have gotten a hat-trick if he had WC06 form.

Australia were a little cocky following what they did in WC06.

Low has impressed me with his squad selection and tactics.


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curswine;2886570 said:
Algeria x Slovenia - Slovenian victory
Serbia x Ghana - Ghanain victory
Germany x Australia - German victory.

Hopefully today will be a total no draw day!

Oh yer. :browsmiley::browsmiley::browsmiley:

Oezil, what a player!!!
After watching this game, I really hope we can win our group so we don't have to face ze Germans in the second round. Not that I'm taking us getting out of the group stage for granted, far from it. But if we have the chance, we might as well go for the jugular against Slovenia and Algeria cause I don't see us faring well against Germany.


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Nice game from our boys, finally we got some high-skilled players like Özil and Marin in our team, thats exactly what was missing all these years...that little touch of genius, that decides the games, in which our teamspirit and our physical presence aint enough.
Müller made a great game too, though i kinda hate this linkish bastard :)
Resuming it was just Australia, no offense down undies :) But Serbia will be a much tougher match. Good for us might be the fact, they need a win desperately.


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nigerianmiracle;2887032 said:
Should Arsenal lose Cesc, the wizard of Öz will be the perfect replacement.

I wonder why Wenger didnt reach out for him already, if he didnt...who knows. Hed fit perfectly. Though i hope he stays in the Bundesliga, wanna see him at Bayern soon (Y)