Way to get on MZ when the site is down...


Reserve Team
Keep it somewhere until the next time ok? I'm not going to stick it though until we are 100% sure about it, we got enough stickies :S


Pontefract City

Senior Squad
Remember, Johan comes here sometimes...

*Puts bedsheet over topic*

hehehe...:D :confused:

Well the forums are run on different servers and they don't need any update unless Crew change the forum structure or something like that, which is usually very very rare.

chris boston

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I was on the forums when the site went back down for maintenance last Thursday (i.e. when the Argy div9 promotions cocked up) and I got sent back to the maintenance page. :S


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I think that trying to access ManagerZone while it's in mantenaince doesn't help to put servers up faster. :o