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Okay, dragons1111 is basically bragging in the MZ Hockey forums regarding his number 1 spot. He is so cocky that he said that the first 15 teams that beat him get to join a FL with him paying for it! I had a spare challenge voucher lying around, so I decided to try my luck. Now since it only plays my A tactic, then it will not play my top tactic which is my C one. My C tactic was created at the start of this season in the SSL as the A one wasn't good enough. So basically it was his top team vs. my B team which has actually been mauled with me testing it recently without any success at all...the result:

Warringah Wizards 1
Sutton Valence (B Team) 5

:D :D :rockman: :rockman: ;) ;) :p :p

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he's flying the aussie flag..... but having not read the forums and going on ur word ponte.. hes setting up a bad image for us....

Pontefract City

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Yeah he's taking things a tad too far...I don't really care about the win because I beat number 1 in the world, it's just because it is maybe a result which can drown his superiority complex. My ego is still cool though, I just beat Guildford Flames 2-1 in the SSL match, two of the biggest teams in hockey have just fallen yet I am somehow I am still not sober from my prom and the after party and it happened 1 and a half days ago...yet again only had 6 hours sleep since Thursday midnight. :(