Voleck's Kits & Minikits


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Górnik Zabrze ma jeszcze białe obramowanie przy kolenierzu


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Great work! Could you please make 2nd GK Kit for Arka, when it will be known? I'll be very greatful!

I have some questions about your kits:
-What programme you use to make kits? (I guess Photoshop)
- How are you making those beautiful stitches on sleeves?

One more time - great work! I'm waiting for some more kits.
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awesome work bro, thanks a lot. but please check Maghoma folder, there are no files, only a png preview.


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For the love of god Voleck. It is very perfect. :clap:
I am sad about EA, not providing the same quality for the Polish league at FIFA 19. Probably the kits will be generic, lacking sponsors and personalized numbering.

Thanks for making it available without badges, because it is easier to apply to ModdingWay.

Congratulations, really. Your work is precious.
Beautiful uniforms from Polish teams.

Brazilian Considerations.


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Wow... Those kits are just beautiful. Again, great work! There's one thing, that makes them less perfect - There's no AltGK kits. Anyways your work is great, thank you for those fenomenal jerseys. Hope you'll make more kits with the same quality, even if you'll make one pack for 3 months.