(Vista) online connection bad!


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I have a draytek 2900 router and having the problem that i have a terrible connection. All oponents have a "/" in there connection status.

I have tried almost everything to get this problem fixed. Checked the right port forward, Firewall OFF, DMZ on router.

I also have a WRT54G router and that makes it a little better but still sux.

I was always searching google for an answer on Draytek and PES or UDP. But never on Vista and PES/UDP. I did that and found the following article:
http://www.killernic.com/technology/gaming.pdf (it's a PDF!)

It basically tells: "...performance of some non-game applications to see how they performed, and discovered that they were equal or better in Vista that in XP. It appears that only the online games perform worse in Vista than XP"

could this be my problem with PES ?


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are you forwarding the UDP port... also try changing the UDP port from auto in Konami settings and disable UPnP


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I use VISTA x64 Ultimate and with pes6 ONLINE is better than in XP....

x64 use better the ram...Lags depending by connection, bat also by hardware optimizations...