verh's Face Archive


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This archive contains all faces (screens of all faces + extracted all faces textures) + faces list of all players + db with all faces in FIFA 14.

I made this archive for my personal use (for easily and more quick searching of suitable faces textures or suitable hairs) but decided to make a thread and post this archive and share with you because I think it can help and make facemaking work more easily.

FACES in my archive are divided by player's positions (GK, RB, CB, LB, CDM, RM, CM, LM, CAM, CF, RW, ST, LW) + New players (players that don't have clubs) + Unidentified players (players that I couldn't recognize) + 1 additional face + 4 broken heads.

Each folder (GK, CB, CF etc) has three folders in it

THERE are three folders with different players in them, I divided players textures by skin color:
white skin (for players with white skin),
black skin (for players with black skin),
medium skin (for latinos, chinese, etc)

ALSO in each folder there are two folders with beards and without beards:
with beards (players who have hairy, massive, big beard or big moustache or big goatee beard or players who have big jaw hair)
without beards (players who don't have beard at all or have small jaw hair or small moustache or small goatee beard)

This archive weights 328 MB (filefront)

Also there are two links (172 + 156 MB) (zippyshare)

Some screens of my faces archive

Links (Part 1) (Part 2)

I hope that this archive will be useful not only for me, have a fun and good game.

The biggest thank's to me for making this hard work.

Huge thank's to Gaz Panic and El_Keeper for db with all faces.
Thank's to unknown author for F14 Faces list with all players.
And also thank's to those guys who inspired me to make this archive.
Additional thank's to Worldwide Team for two updated faces (Sala and Tolgay) I used in my archive.


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oh yeah mate, you should probably give us (Worldwide Team) credits for using Jacopo Sala and Tolgay Arslan preview in Unidentified Faces (Y)


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I left some unidentified faces because I didn't have time and honestly desire to find out who are those unknown.
I for example know Cornelius or something like that and other players (like for example ex Vancouver players) but I don't know how correctly to write their names and know their faces not so good so I just put it in unidentified (if you want and know players you can rename them in your folder).


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огромнейшее спасибо!


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btw,can someone upload the file in another host,gamefront doesn't work for me and zippyshare is so slow here(3 kbps)!Appreciate it!