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I saw that a lot people decided to make new or improve FIFA textures unless there is no 3D Editor for FIFA 12 so I improved (add more color, lightnings, sharpen, made more symmetric face) some textures I don't know will somebody need them or you'll say it's fu... bad but for the beginning I'll post here first texture one of my favourite players Lisandro Lopez I played with him in FIFA 11 and will play in FIFA 12 here it is I don't have a lot of time but if you'll like this texture I'll continue if this thread is unuseful so write it here and I'll close it so here is a texture (I know Lopez doesn't wear earrings but I made him with them if you don't like you can copy original ears from EA's texture and pu them at this texture and he'll be without earrings).



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Nice update mate, is there any chance you could post Kevin Gameiro texture and other new EA textures, like Berezutski, Sakho, etc.


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agree with you about prasad-fan i told him more than 3 times to stop requesting but nothing... maybe send him a pm. nice tex but the earings are really **** xD


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I know earrings are not needed and also their quality are bad (it's just a maket for a better earrings) this is not final texture I deleted FIFA 11 and didn't complete it, later I'll finish it and I'll post today version without earrings. I send him pm but this boy can't read or he is so stupid and didn't understand.


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Когда же мы сможем вставлять проклятые модели (а не только текстуры) из 11-ой Фифы в 12-ую ? )))) Уже ведь понятно, что модели из 11-ой подойдут.


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@kaicooper:why do you post request in multiple threads.try request thread ?.sorry if i am rude


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Finally I learned how to use FaceGen, my third face ever made in FaceGen, I think that result not bad (I hope that result not bad because I spent for this face more than 3 hours). I used texture for Skrtel made by Shifty*nim, I hope that he won't be against that I used his texture.
Used FaceGen + Shifty*nim texture and here is a result.
Please test this face in game (because I don't have FIFA 11).
In archive .fg files (covert it in Blender in cff and then from cff to rx.3) and then post here a download link for rx3 file). Thank's.
P.S. If this post will see regularcat or someone else from this site so please edit my thread name (delete these word "+ (prasad-fan PLEASE READ IT)") thank's.

Here is Skrtel.
If I have enough time and patience I'll make Arbeloa he is my next work (if someone has a good HR pict of Arbeloa post it here).

DL for Skrtel face*nim+(texture).rar
PLEASE CONVERT IT IN rx3 file thank's !!!


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Some more faces made but not edited a lot (except Gary Cahill - but he still needs an improvement in his face expression). Texture for Cahill made as I remember by Hitman.

Osvaldo is awful you don't need to tell me that because I didn't edit him and he has none texture made in FIFA if someone will make a tex for him I'll rework him and continue to do his face.

Kaboul almost not edited - will improve him, but unfortunately none has made a tex for him.



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Some attempts to make Osvaldo.
P.S. I think this face is not bad but something still don't like in it, he has a different face at photos who knows his face good suggest me what to improve (more fatter, smaller nose, more longer face, etc) because I don't know him well, except ears, I can't edit them.
Here is Osvaldo - not final result, TEXTURE MADE BY SAM RED DEVIL.

Any suggestions and comments how to improve me this face?!!!