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Originally posted by bagpuss

will the generic GDI+ problem be fixed. Quite a number of people have reported this one.

I had positive reports from the testers that this bug has been fixed.


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I agree.

Been waiting this long just to play I can wait a while longer. It will be worth it. Chau: Any new add-ons to this update/fix?

Thanks for all the great work and our time on this.



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Chau, when will you relase Update, we can't wait, i have got a question for you: If update will be relased, can we modify UCL database by CC?? This is suprise?


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C'mon Lads It'll be out when he is ready for it to be released. He wont give you a definite release date as if he misses it everyone will complain. I can gurantee you that Chau will release it when it is upto his incredibly high standards.


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Hey chau,

will the substitution bug be fixed in the coming update ??
When you substitute a plyer during a match, the game crashes back to desktop... :(

I hope this will be fixed. ;)

Cya !


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Game crashes intermittenly especially after a substitution is made.

GDI+ error when opening a league window.

All teams grouped in Region 1.

Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow (caused by corrupted database).

Top banner too large and obscured team/player window.

Raise the number of players limit to 28.

Works with UEFA CL 2004-2005 Demo.

Shoe colours lookup table.

Czech language pack by Jri Adamec

I have tryed it out,and it works fine!
great work Chau!


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Update!!!!!!!!!!! what a lot of SH1t

I have re installed Fifa 2005 and then installed the Updaded CC and i can't get any players in my cereer mode. anyone had the same prob and if so how do you repair it?
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