UniDB 4.0 Out @ fifaecp.com


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A new version of UniDB is now out at FIFA ECP. Version 4.0 fully supports FIFA 06 as well as providing backwards compatibility for previously supported versions of FIFA, EURO etc.

UniDB allows you to convert EA Sports' *.db database file format to Microsoft Access and vice versa.



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because team names, competition names and stadium names are stored in their respective language databases. They can be found in \data\cmn\fe

e.g. eng.db for English.


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copy and paste the following download link into your browser:



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Hi Hercules,
I don't know if you already know that it doesn't work with the ita.db of the demo (an Error 63 occurs during loading phase).



Club Supporter
Hi! I have one question... Can I edit the FIFA 06 rosters with the creation centre 05 or must I use the Uni DB & Access to do all the data (takes a lot of time)? Thanks for the answer!


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i wanted to create my own team over Brondby, so i created 25 new players in the table_players and the table_playerwrite, and then i connected them to the Brondby team (269).
but in the game i still have the old players...

DJ Atze

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I overwrite a Team of 2. German Bundesliga and the players too. Now they have other names, but in the commentary says still the old names like "Bencic", where can I disable this names in commentary? Thx!


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does the PS2 vers have a file that i can insert into this program to edit things and then re-enter it into the ps2 .iso?


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Think you guys will ever make one that will work for Fifa 08. I know Creation Master is a good program, but I still like using UNIdb sometimes. Blue shell data has some uses that db Master can't do.