Unfair red cards?


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Today two of my players got bookings... I looked on the Inj/Susp page and saw they have both been put down for red cards (thus missing the next match). Now looking back on previous matches, ive seen that both players have been booked once each before. Does anyone know that 2 bookings in seperate games means a suspension?!


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yes that's right 2 yellow cards in seperate games is a suspension.

2 yellow cards in the same game and no suspension.



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that's pretty... crap :/ they should do it 3 games at least... thats 2 defenders out now.


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Originally posted by Shark
that's pretty... crap :/ they should do it 3 games at least... thats 2 defenders out now.

They COULD do it like in real football...but try to compare the amount of yellow cards in real football and in MZ...I agree they should put this to three and add two yellow cards in a game as a red...maybe even introduce some system of taking team money for red cards (like they do in normal football for some serious actions).


chris boston

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If you can argue your case with reasons why it'd be fairer for suspensions only to occur after three yellows instead of two, I could put it forward to crew...

But it's been in place since I joined so that's at least half the time MZ's been up and running. So I'm not sure how willing they'd be to change something that only a handful of people have opposed to publically. Plus why change something that works and everyone's familiar with?

Anyway, some math:

Five yellows in the English Premier League = suspension. There's 38 league games.

5 / 38 = 0.13

0.13 * 14 (MZ League games) = 1.84

Difference between two and three yellows:

2 / 14 = 0.14

3 / 14 = 0.21

It's actually nearer three yellows than two.

Anyone know rules for other leagues?


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Hehe. If we're going to go by numbers then...

5 yellows picks up an automatic 1 match ban in the Premiership.

1 / 38 * 14 = 0.368...

0.368 * 90 = 33.16

So maybe our banned player should also only be unavailable for 33 minutes of a match too? ;)