Reserve Team

After many months of waiting to see the Super First of El Salvador, I apologize, we had problems with continuous updates of FIFA 15.
A comparison of Concacaf Patch 1.3 brings new boots, we couple the final patch FIFA CR.
Manager Mode and Tournament brings to the openings and closures of new leagues added.
Some rags, Stadium of Cascades brought FIFA WC 14 official balls for competitions Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama. New Minifaces and the same gloves Concacaf Patch.

Work in FIFA 15 DB last update fifa 15. May.
Squads Updated
First Division of Costa Rica SUPER
El Salvador Primera Division SUPER
Guatemala First Division
Honduras First Division
Panama First Division
Real Esteli, representing Nicaragua.

Dreamzz A. Sanabria

You need the File Master 15.0 http: //fifa-master.com/downloads/category/63-tools-for-fifa-15 at the end of the installation to regenerate.

DOWNLOAD UNCAF PATCH BETA http://excplus.progoo.org/

Installation Steps
1. Install 'FIFA 15' for example C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Origin Games \ FIFA 15
2. Open the File Master 15
3. Look at the menu, click Tools, Regenerate BH
4. We expect a good time and Done.

Recommendation FIFA begin with the flag of Mexico.
In career mode set default templates

Check Previews : https://www.facebook.com/eXcPlusIntll/photos_stream?tab=photos_albums