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Oh glad to know know you accepting requests once again uomo!

Can I request you Tondela and União da Madeira (Liga NOS) banners and flags please? Those are the only ones missing from the Portuguese league.

Thanks in advance.
Wow!!!!! That was super fast uomo! And the flags look just perfect!!!! You totally nail this man.

I never go to anyone else when I want to find banners and flags because you are the master of it!

Thank you :)

Looking forward for the banners and Tondela's banners and flags!


Club Supporter
Hallo uomomagnetico,

that is a List with new European Teams in FIFA 16 without Banners and Flags!

-BEL- VV St. Truiden

-ENG- FC Barnet

-HOL- De Graafschap

-IRL- Galway United

-IRL- Longford Town

-NOR- Mjøndalen IF

-NOR- Sandefjord

-AUT- SV Mattersburg

-POL- Termalica BB Nieciecza

-POR- CF União Madeira

-SVE- GIF Sundsvall

-SVE- Hammarby IF

-SUI- FC Lugano

-ESP- SD Huesca

-ITA- Calcio Como

-TÜR-Osmanlispor FK

and these Teams have Banners,but no Flags:

hol-rhoda jc


den-Aarhus GF

den-Viborg FF

nor-Tromso IL

pol-Zaglebie Lubin

rus-Anschi Machatschkala

rus-Krylja Sowetow Samara


tür-Medical Park Antalyaspor