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my friend, I can not change the scrolling in the adboard Juventus, still with the sponsor Nike. what to do?


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the banner folder link v2 link is broken also, it would be great to have an other one :)

You did a fantastic work, its amazing the amount and the quality of the flags and banners you made thanks!


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uomomagnetico;3836171 said:
Some Serie B ads

UM Serie B

Uomomagnetico can you please up these adboards again!? ;) :P


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uomomagnetico;3884651 said:
check it my updated banner folder!NMFn3ZJC

pwd: !i19gl2cnSjeqY2fh82atEO0ity8SrCfMQmxktKZZ3F8

and check for update my thread in Fifa 16 forum....

Hi Uomo, I'd already tried to ask you but my post wasn't pubblicated 8|
Can u please send me your adboards you did for the italian Serie B season 2014/15?! :taz: