Ultra Groups?


Youth Team

and a video


Youth Team
One of the independant Ultras groups for FC Steaua Bucharest is "Gruppo Apparte".
I don't have any links though ...


Youth Team
I found this video yesterday.
Every tribune groups can throw confetties, or do torch shows. These aren't so difficult.You cant see non of these in this video but please pay attention to the big "tribune spirit". All of them know what they will do and all of them know when they will do...
Increase your loudspeaker's voice then watch...



Senior Squad

ultrAslan (Galatasaray fans group) made the best careograph in Turkey by far at Galatasaray-Bordeaux match..
It writes HELL and in the middle there is a Freddy Kruger figure..


Senior Squad
Nice tifo from ultrAslan!Btw Ottoman its like that in Argentina and other South/Central America.The people bring their own little bags of papelitos or toilet paper rolls and they just throw them all at the same time.Crazy effect.


Starting XI

Benfica group No Name Boys after the defeat against United yesterday

In this picture you can see the real definition of the real Ultra's mentality


Senior Squad
Laurent je m'excuse mais je trouve le premier tifo avec le canard beaucoup plus meilleure que votre grosse banderole des 20 ans des BB de l'annee passee.Par contre votre tifo avec les bandes est pas mal meilleure que celle du 1991-2006 des Supras :clapwap:

Amazing tifo!