ULTIMA 2004 is out !!


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Great WOrk Maaaaaaaaaan !!!!!!

Dear Shalomy !!!!
Instead of problemzz between us ..... but i must congratulate u about this Extremely Great Work !!!!!

I think it's da best all over all patches , Yeah it's better than World League 2004 .....

It was my dream to play this patch , but when i download it , it comming as a crashed *exe* file ..... any way great work Shalooomy !!!!


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Originally posted by The True
1. yes I know.. the pitch is hmmm... not so good looking..(-:
it was sopposed to be in only one stad
but for some reason the lads assigned it to all of them.

oh Shlomy i was suposed to assign those turfs only to one stadium?
ooops my mistake...if this is really a big problem i will make soon a patch that will assign the regular turfs...
anyway soon we will try to update a few kits, and i can tell you that we are trying very hard to solve the faces problems...we really want to include the faces in this patch.
i'm very glad that you like this great patch, we worked a lot on it.

The True

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Re: Great WOrk Maaaaaaaaaan !!!!!!

Originally posted by Buffon_Keeper
Dear Shalomy !!!!
Instead of problemzz between us ..... but i must congratulate u about this Extremely Great Work !!!!!

I'm glad you've liked it.:)


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To all who were involved in the Ultima 2004 patch......EXCELLENT WORK. Truly fantastic.

After winning the Euro w/France at the 2nd level and then taking Spain to the final at the professional level and losing after a joystick malfunction in the final, I was going to move up to World Class since I had dominated with Spain on professional ( 11-1-2, 52 goals for).

So I also applied the Ultima patch. Now, my friend and I (we each play a half) are having some riveting games playing as..of course...Real Madrid. I'm not too familiar with the club teams as I'm in Canada and don't watch much club soccer. We're getting better each game and the excitement is back in the game with the higher diffculty and the Ultima modifications!!!!!! Again...superb work..what attention to detail....

I don't know why people dog the makers for small omissions or whatever...the work is of the highest degree..and nothings perfect.



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some important faces are missing...like ronaldo's, ronaldinho's and r. carlos' faces...
can you put them in the game???
i know a patch that have their faces....

my MSN

[email protected]

i'm brazilian....
if i said something wrong, sorry....


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great patch but I have a little problem

When I want to choose a team yo lay with I only see the logos of the teams but not the team names, the only thing I see are the country names, like albania,belgium,belarus,etc...
whats the problem?

The True

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hmmm, something is not installed corectly.
you probably still see "euro 2004 TM" in the main menu
instead of "ULTIMA 2004 TM", that's because a specific file
is missing for you.

install it again, as it's pretty weird that all the other stuff
have been installed fine.


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Excellent work! I've been loving the patch since I installed it this weekend.

I do have a couple of questions:

(1) Is there any way I can restore the corner-kick "ticker"? The patch seems to have disabled this function, making it much more difficult to handle corner-kick play, especially on defense. It is very hard now, if not impossible, to properly time runs and tackles.

(2) Which file should I edit to reduce injuries? Many of my best players continue to miss games because of mysterious injuries. These injuries aren't even incurred during games I play -- the players just suddenly show up on the "unavailable list." This was not an issue with the original Euro, so I'm assuming the Ultima makers have tweaked some setting to increase injury rates. I'd like to reduce it a bit. Can someone point me in the right direction?

Again, great work on the patch. I'm totally enjoying the game again!