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UEFA president Lennart Johansson has re-iterated his belief that it would be beneficial for the game if teams were packed with domestic players not imports.

Johansson made his comments in a crucial week for him personally as he faces a battle for his role with France legend Michel Platini.

The Swedish supremo wants eight home-grown players included in a team.

"I would like to see only three foreign players on the pitch," he told Radio Five Live's Sportsweek programme.

"But I cannot predict what will happen. Today we have to accept what is decided by the European Union.

"It is not something that will be decided overnight. It is a movement that the absolute majority must want to happen."

Johansson is confident he will remain in power.

"I am building my manifesto on my track record over 17 years and adding to that my plans for the future, " he said.

"It will be obvious to each and everyone there is a difference (between me and Platini) and it will be in my favour."

I think its stupid, it makes the league less competitive.
I generally support free trade, but when it comes to club football I believe some protectionism is not a bad idea.


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it will never happen, because all of the big teams in europe have like 8 or 9 foreign players in their squad, and their stars are foreign players. they will never allow it, they would be losing alot of money if it happens.


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No, it would not be great. The entire world as fans would suffer so UEFA can weaken Chelsea and Real Madrid.


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Ny8La8;2264237 said:
That would be great if you think about it.

it will be great for domestic football but in terms of the level of competitiveness will be bad..as a result the quality of prestiges championship will be dreadful ( i.e world cup, UEFA championship & etc.)

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But if more emphasis is given to home-grown players, each nation just might produce their OWN undiscovered Henry's, Ronaldino's, etc.


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Ny8La8;2264802 said:
But if more emphasis is given to home-grown players, each nation just might produce their OWN undiscovered Henry's, Ronaldino's, etc.

ooh..we've done it in Malaysia League..unsuccesfully..

you cant produce big stars if the environment is less competitive..tha'ts my opinion..


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why not allow teams to even field out 11 foreign players, who gives a damn. Will it make the game less interesting or any different? NO! UEFA is confused trying to come up with all these rules, leave the game as it is. No to salary cap and NO to reducing imports.


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In my opinnion, football is being destroyed by teams like Chelsea and Real Madrid.

It is truly sad when you see a team like Arsenal play with nothing but imports.
Where has the meaning of the shirt gone to?
Not only that, but does the benifit this brings to England in the way of "show" really compensate for teams having nothing else to give to the national team? well, other than the money they are pocketing...

Sooner or later, a rule like this will have to be introduced, or we will begin to see a different type of football develope.

Who really wants to see one team with all the world stars, and one team that always wins the league title?

Someone mentioned that the higher competitions would suffer, but will it really be interesting to see the same teams play these competitions, year after year, after year...? :sleep:

Also, whatever happened to the "Home" teams? :confused:

Anyway, aside from that I do believe that reducing imports will help generate more domestic talent, and will aid the developement of future domestic stars.

It is important to understand that having rules that allow for the developement of younger players can only benifit the leagues, the teams, and the national teams. I find nothing wrong in that.

An example of something like this can be seen in Mexico, where it has been proven without a single doubt that these ideas do work. Because of the rule that was introducced recently, that Mexican teams must play with under 18 players for a certaing amount of time each tournament, more talented players are being discovered at a younger age, and they are developing faster than before.

In the past, no one would have though of seeing a 17 year old player win a World Championship one year, and in the following year lead a team to a league title.
That was unthinkable, but there it is, Patricio Araujo was a result of this rule, and he proved that it does work.

Talented players will appear only if you develope them.
With an all foreign team, that's hardly possible.


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ShiftyPowers;2264260 said:
No, it would not be great. The entire world as fans would suffer so UEFA can weaken Chelsea and Real Madrid.

Chelsea and Real Madrid today.

Leagues dominated by people with money?
With clubs increasingly turning into corporations?
Where will competitive football have a chance?