Uefa Euro superpatch ++


Youth Team
Hi. On Fifa Revolution we maked a superpatch for Euro 2004. It contain:
- actualized sqads for all European teams
- about 60 new faces
- new kits
- new audio
- add Brazil national team with their rosters, adboards, faces, flags,
- new TV logo
- and many more addons
Patch maked: Morpheus, Lplover2k2, nor-rbk, Bunio, Odiney all guys from www.fifarev.net
Special thanks to: Duong for his faces

Promotial menus is

Download link is: Uefa Euro superpatch ++


Youth Team
My game crashes when i go to play my 3rd match in a row. I am able to play 2 matches at a time without it crashing, no more than that. Does the fix address this problem?


Youth Team
yes i know about it from other people, game crashes because there are 2GF faces, i am making final fix which will be relase today


Youth Team
If the game is crashing now, you must install kit raptor for euro 2004 and then you must copy this file to your data directory.