UEFA Champions League Thread


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How is your football knowledge so good man?
And yeah nothing is wrong with being honest.

Well sometimes you need characters in life lol.

My football knowledge being "so good"? I wouldn't exactly call it like that. I mean those are just mainly my opinions afterall. I read about, and a watch a lot of football on my free time, maybe that's because.

I've been an avid fan since year 2000, when the EURO 2000 took place, and I even remember singular events from that tournament. I have this bizarre thing with my memory, when something needs to be memorized, it doesn't, an irrelevant facts from years ago, I can recall as if they happened yesterday. It's weird.

I also have a relatively high IQ, but I don't believe in it generally.. It's just a bullshit number. What does count is how educated and generally knowledagbe you are, imo.

You know mate, I've pretty much wasted my life. I'm 27-years of age, with no proper education, 10 or 11 years of partying/drinking/drug abuse, but yet again I manage to stay reasonable most of the time when I'm sober. If only I would've taken my life more seriously when I was younger, then who knows where I'd be.

But I have no doubts in myself, and I'm sure something good will come out of it eventually, or I'll just die. Either this or that. :( My body will probably give out sooner or later, but what can I do? This very morning when I woke up I had to drink a bottle of wine to feel normal + a few benzos... I'm off to sleep again soon and hoping that a certain doctor prescribes me those painkillers that I'm lacking, but if she doesn't - I'm in big trouble. :'(

By the way - I have to compliment you as well, there aren't many active members around here anymore, but you as a relatively new member, you're very cool!


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I started watching football from wc 10. It was the first ever major football tournament I had witnessed.
And the sound of the vuvuzelas is just so nostalgic, whenever i watch any highlights.


I bought C.Ronaldo
But another player who they should respect more is Sergi Roberto. The guy has been incredible so far for them this season, every time he has started in midfield. Loads of Barca fans on reddit are often complaining how it pains them to see him playing as a right-back, while they could desperately use him in midfield because of his great performances.

Same goes for Denis, but I don't wanna sound like a broken vinyl.

Roberto's runs gives me so much joy. It really baffles me why Valverde keeps playing him at the back. Roberto has done the work and effort to deserve that midfield spot but Valverde still plays him at the back.


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Let's wait up to the transfer endings, and has to see the performance of our players during world cup also. I support Real Madrid. Even though our coach has changed. No idea about new signings. But as the current champions more possibilities are there with Madrid.


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What are your thoughts on this year's champion? Who is it gonna be? All of the teams seem to be.. weaker than ever maybe? Ugh, it's kinda like my favorite competition is ruined. :\