UEFA Champions League Thread


Brilliant move by Barça gifting Dani Alves to Juventus and Sandro to Málaga so they took real Madrid the double.


Zidane: overrated as player and underrated as coach.

He is very good managing a very conflictive squad.


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He is a good leader and knows how to deal with the squad. The fact that he is a Madrid legend also helps. But he's garbage in terms of coaching. With that squad Madrid should play a much better football.


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The 12th. Back to back UCLs and the la liga, what a season. Zidane's a master, a galactico for the galacticos he'll complete the treble next year. It almost feels that the throne in the bernabeu was meant for him.

Surely now Ronaldo will win the ballon d'Or
And let's not forget his rapid scoring to become top scorer in the CL, CR7 winning europe's best player award now is certain.


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Balanced draw. Juve-Barca is the definitely the highlight fixture. Groups C and H are the toughest. G is the most open.


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WTF!!!! DORTMUND AGAIN??? well tottenham will be still playing at wembley so they won't be at their best. I hope so at least...

Liverpool have the easiest group. Shame on them if they are eliminated early
Same for City

Madrid have a hard group..
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Took the liberty of changing the thread title so this becomes the permanent thread for general CL discussion.

Expectations for matchweek one? Here go mine:

AS Roma x Atl. Madrid
x Juventus
Benfica x CSKA Moscow
Celtic x PSG
x Qarabag
Manchester Utd x Basel
Olympiakos x Sporting
FC Porto x Besiktas
Feyenoord x Manchester City
Liverpool x Sevilla
Maribor x Sp. Moscow
Leipzig x Monaco
Real Madrid x APOEL
Shakhtar x Napoli
x Dortmund

Predictions in bold.

Spurs match should be the most thrilling fixture out of those...too bad I won't be watching it because FC Porto.


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Wow, City dropping points would be a big result for Feyenoord.

All the Portuguese teams undefeated is (H) , but definitely possible.

Spurs' Wembley woes may be an issue against Dortmund. Imagine an Aubameyang smash and grab.

Monaco are blowing hot and cold, so no one knows if they'll show up in the Champions League this year. Obviously Naby Keita and Timo Werner being in form spells trouble. I'm curious to see if Monaco's own Keita (Balde) plays. A Senegalese playing in the French league is normal. But a very talented Spanish born Barca and Lazio youth product making his Champions League debut is another matter.

Speaking of Barca, it's hard to tell if they are ready to face Juve. I could see that match ending in a draw.


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AS Roma 1 - 2 Atl. Madrid
Barcelona 3 - 1 Juventus
Benfica 2 - 0 CSKA Moscow
Celtic 0 - 4 PSG
Chelsea 4 - 0 Qarabag
Feyenoord 0 - 2 Manchester City
Olympiakos 0 - 1 Sporting
FC Porto 1 - 1 Besiktas
Real Madrid 3 - 0 APOEL
Liverpool 0 - 1 Sevilla
Manchester Utd 3 - 0 Basel
Maribor 0 - 1 Sp. Moscow
Leipzig 1 - 2 Monaco
Tottenham 0 - 3 Dortmund
Shakhtar 1 - 3 Napoli
Bayern 5 - 0 Anderlecht

let's see...
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So Juve got beat 3-0, almost 4-0.. What a load of rubbish.

At least Man United got the proper result, not sure about Pogba's injury, but I hope it's not anything too serious.

Atleti getting a draw at Roma seems a fair results.

PSG and Chelsea hammering their opponents was a given.

Nothing surprising here really. Also, nice to see James starting as a #10 for Bayern against Anderlecht.