UCL Group B: Inter vs Bayern [P+R]


Team Captain

Today 20.45 CET at San Siro

Probable teams:


Maicon   Cordoba    Materazzi      Grosso

          Dacourt        Stankovic
Zanetti                            Figo

           Ibrahimovic       Crespo


Sagnol    Lucio    van Buyten   Lahm

          van Bommel     Ottl
Salihamidzic                  Schweinsteiger

      Makaay/Santa Cruz     Pizarro

Both teams are missing two key players in midfield due to injury or suspension. Vieira and Cambiasso for the Italians, Hargreaves and Deisler for Bayern.

After their defeat to Sporting Inter need the points while Bayern would be pleased with a point on awayground.


Considering Bayern's poor recent form, especially defensively, I can't see us getting anything out of this match. Hargreaves is irreplaceable, Makaay has totally lost it.

2-0 Inter


Starting XI
3-2 Inter....
Crespo(2), Materazzi (Header)
Van Bommel, Pizarro

Both teams are having trouble keeping the ball out of the net.


Team Captain
We are in control of the game, maybe we should play a bit more offensive minded. Inter are looking very beatable.


Senior Squad
grosso sent off.

the elbow was up but there was no malice and not that much contact. sagnol sold the red card.

this is definitely not going inter's way.


Youth Team
This game is ridiculous, Zlatan got a red for nothing. Both him and the Bayern player went in with their legs and he gives Zlatan his second yellow! Zlatan didn't even get a warning, two straight yellow's, bull ****!

The Bayern players were fouling like crazy and not getting carded at all. Then he gives a red to Grosso? This game was utter bull crap, the referee gifted Bayern the win, Inter was playing well then all of a sudden they get a red card.

Anyone notice that all of Inter's red cards/double yellow's are tackles that if any other team made would not have been given a card? I can't stand to watch games like this. I don't care if they lose, it's when the referee is blatantly one sided when I get ticked off.

Bayern played dirty and didn't get carded worth crap, Inter played clean and got two red cards!!! Pathetic!!!