Typing diacritical/accent marks with a Japanese keyboard


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I have a Japanese notebook with Brazilian Portuguese Windows XP Professional (SP2) installed. Portuguese (Brazil) is the input language and Japanese is the keyboard layout. Keys are correctly assigned, but I can't type diacritics on letters!

For example, to get an " á " I would type " ' " then " a ", simple as that. Since the input language is Portuguese, I thought it would work, but if i do it on that notebook, I get an " 'a ". :(

Any ideas/solutions?

Thanks in advance. :jap:


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Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map

gives you little keystrokes to enter to get specific accents. ie an á is Alt+0225

it's kind of a long way to do it, but once you've used the same keystrokes over and over i suppose you'd get use to it.


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thanks, man, but that way is just impracticable, since the portuguese language has many words with letters with diacritcs. i need some way to get it working properly.