Two questions | Timed finishing and free kicks/penalties


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Hey Soccergaming community,
I have two questions and hopefully I'll find my answers here.

Timed finishing
First question is about timed finishing. I know, not everyone likes this feature but I certainly enjoy it since it was introduced. This year it got harder to get it perfectly timed, because the "green area" got reduced - at least I think so, it feels like it.
And this isn't bad. But my question is, if it is possible to "edit" timed finishing? I'd like to reduce the "green area" even more but increase the impact on the other hand. As far as I know, "only" the power and accuracy is getting improved and I want to improve it even more when the "green area" is hit. I just want to experience more "rare moments" and, since I am playing in a weak league with relatively weak players [Norway], to make them able to score goals from different angles/distances as well.

Free kicks/penalties
Last question is about the new introduced way of kicking free kicks and penalties. This feature in general isn't that bad, I kinda like it. Reminds me of FIFA 2005, free kicks were similar. But I absolutely despise the fact that the "white aiming assistant" isn't fixed in place, it's moving back once you let go off your analog stick. This makes it impossible for me to kick free kicks / penalties. Especially when you have a player with a tremendous long start-up run. I tried to get used to it the last weeks but I apparently can't.
Is there any way to fix this?

I personally don't know much about modding or editing files. So, I apologize if it is a "noob question". Do you guys think it's possible now or do I have to wait until the Frosty Editor comes out?

Best regards!