Two matches - same time


Reserve Team
Got a bit of a surprise when i saw this - look at the date and time. I think I'll take the 5-1 ;)

chris boston

Senior Squad
Git :D

Same happened to me... kind of.

Beat Middlesbrough United 3-2, the match got replayed for some reason, and then won 5-1 !

No extra income though, the match stats were never collected the first time around.

And guess what, beat 'Boro 0-2 away today after having crap results this week. :D Although he's still 2 points clear and bound to win Steve's FL. :(

Anyway, hope you spend your new found fortune wisely. ;)


Senior Squad
oh yeh

and just think what it'll do to the form of any players that need to rest

but apart from that you seemed to do ok out of the match. :p