TV Shows aka Sir Didier being upset that non-hipsters like Game of Thrones


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I started watching Bob's burgers, this character is so cool


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Just watched it, and I agree, it was a great episode. I really hope the little one is alive, what a way to go if I'm wrong. And real heart-breaking moment, alongside what happened to the old timer.

The Governor should have listened, he really lost it.


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Yeah, the series needed this episode after the last 3-4 ones which were pretty boring.


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Filipower;3611309 said:
They totally spoil it in the trailer!

What's spoilt? I think it opens loads of doors without walking through...

In any case, the book for next season has been written, so it's not like loads is going to change.


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I watched Shameless a bit when it cames out but I don't think I ever watched the full season, dunno which season they're on now, either.

Community is back (with Shifty Harmon back) and it's pretty good. Been rewatching the first two seasons on DVD lately and it still makes me laugh. Best comedy in recent years.

Started watching House of Lies lately, too, and it's pretty funny although midway through the 1st season it gets progressively less funny and more dramatic which is a shame. Kristen Bell is lovely.



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I haven't watched the new episodes yet, as I just recently started watching all the old eps from scratch. Almost through them, though. Love Community.


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Anybody watching "True Detective"?

It's not very often when you see actors like Matthew McConaughey (who's absolutely stunning in this), Woody Harrelson and Michelle Monaghan in TV series.

But it's not all about the actors who are doing a great job. It has a great plot as well, wonderful directing and cinematography. It's quite slow paced at the beginning, but it picks up and gets better and better. And it's probably not for those who are looking for some action filled thing. It's mostly about the characters, interesting story, witty dialogue and it's kind of mysterious. I haven't seen anything this good in a while.
As usual HBO shows deliver.

I'd highly recommend it.


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