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Since there are still a lot of users interested in modding FIFA 16, I suggest that we follow an example of the FIFA 20 modding forum on this site and create a sub thread where more experienced modders would post their tutorial to help the newbies. I'll post my stitched Logo tutorial in the next reply. If anyone wants to share their knowledge please feel free to post in this thread. Personally I think this kind of thread would revive FIFA modding.


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So I'll start and post a tutorial on how to make stitched Logos.

Step 1: Download the mockup using the following link:

Step 2: Open the mockup using Photoshop.

Step 3: In the layer panel double - click on the "drop" layer so that a new layer will open.

Step 3: Select the Wand tool and make sure to copy the tool settings as shown in the video.

Step 4: In Photoshop open the Logo you want to use and copy it to Layer 3 window

Step 5: Using the Wand tool and pressing ctrl + j export every colour into its own layer.

Step 6: Select each colour layer individually, press ctrl + s to save it, then go back to the Logo mockup window and export it as PNG.

Step 7: Go to File> Scripts > Load Files into Stack and select all colour layers and click OK.

Step 8: Adjust the brightness and contrast.

Step 9: Export the file as PNG and you're done.

Check the video here:

NOTE: This tutorial only shows the process I use to create stitched Logos. The mockup used in this tutorial has been made by Robert Loyale


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If anyone finds it useful I've provided some templates. Note that the templates aren't mine, I've just been using them for a couple of years now.

Flag template (credits to the original author):

Flag template.jpg

Armband template (credits to the original author):

Armband template.png

Scarf template (credits to the original author):

Scarf Template.png

I think the original size in the game is 512x64

Banner template:

Banner template.png

PSD File: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xx0jyl16h82cpgw/Banner_template.psd/file

Electronic adboard template (Can't remember where I found this one but it's not mine):


PSD File with guidelines: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0vw32z9eeir1op6/template-led-3eca36f.psd/file


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If you need a facemaking tutorial, let me know. It seems the only one making faces for the community is my and Paok at times.


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If you need a facemaking tutorial, let me know. It seems the only one making faces for the community is my and Paok at times.

It would be great if you could provide the tutorial. Presonally I think it would be very beneficial for the whole community if we could gather as much tutorials as possible... Then,
there wouldn't be so many requests for this and that...