Tutorial to insert a ball and allocate to a club

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    Tutorial to insert a ball and allocate to a club without using CM09

    I explain this with the help of the ball for Bayern Munich.
    Firstly you need 3 matching files namely a fsh-file with the texture and 2 O-files for the 3D modell.
    t99_100 as a texture
    m222_100 as an Near-O-File
    m316_100 also as an Far-O-File
    because i want to assign an individual ball to Bayern, I have given to the files the ID100 . This guarantees that only Bayern uses this ball. I could also have given it e.g. 101, 102, 104-111. If you want to award another ID, renames the files simply accordingly (but only the number 28).
    Now I have opened the filemaster09 and have looked there in the left fissure for the zdata40 and have clicked this, you can also take zdata39.
    Now the right window opens and you can see the files contained in it.
    Now click on the folder symbol with the red arrow which is on top. Search the first file of the ball and open it. Now it should be seen in the right window. Make the same with the other two files. Now you must only look which in the right window under "Compressed" with your 3 files stands a "Yes". Already you are almost ready. You can close the filemaster.
    Now open the FAT Rebuilder from "fifa4fans". If you finished, close it. So, the ball is already in it, now the club which should get him is still absent. Now we do this with the DB Master09.
    Open it => File => Open DB. Click in the new window on your fifa.db and open it. If it's loaded, look in the left window for "teams", click on it. I want to give the ball to Bavaria, so I look in the right window under "teamname" the Bayern Munich, they have "teamid" 21. I mark the whole line, go to the right => under "balltype" stands 125 with Bayern, now I click on this and change the number in 100. Now I only need to go on file => Saving, all is saved and i have the ball in the game and in the team of Bayern Munich.
    So, this was it. A lot of fun with the ball.

    The ball was provided by SGD fan, for which I thank rather warmly [​IMG]
    About the link you can download the 3 files of the ball and insert it in your game, this Tutorial and a list of the free ball-id's in Fifa09

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


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