Trying to turn MLS into ESL


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I have never done this before, so I wanted to start a new career mode with top teams in europe collected into one league. I tried custom teams switching of FIFA, but there are some things that I want to change:
1. Replacing teams from top leagues into MLS reduces players' wages. I would have want to increase leagues avr salary and reduce top leagues avr salary
2. Top players are still attracted to top leagues, so remaining european clubs would become a lot stronger.
3. Competition prize money is big for top leagues, but low for MLS
So overall, I just wanted to make my "super league" much more attractive to players,financially stronger, so players would want to come here and do not drop their salaries. What I am guessing is that it should not be as diffiicult as creating new one, or changing its structure and changing some numbers from compdata and etc might be enough? What do you think, any help would be great. Thanks in advance
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