TreMiki Advertising Co. (adboards)


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fantastic adboards Tremiki :)
but how to import them into FIFA 07? I want to see this great advertisings in the game :D


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2006-2007 Barcelona Ads

Futbol Club Barcelona

Thank you all for the encouraging comments. I lightened the textured a bit more just to be safe. The "pages amarillas" panel is made by John :)

Here is one alternate panel......

and another one.....



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I added another panel and updated the "Estrella Damm" ad above. I know about Sigga's Champions League Adboard requests...does anyone else have a request?


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Nice AdBoards man!

PS: I want to start making AdBoards too, but I could use a little help from someone who knows about it... Would you help me? You cand send me a PM.


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2006-2007 Man U. Ads

Yeah, Dipanjan, here are the MAN U ads..... I moved them to this thread since they are for this year.

Manchester United Football Club

Which 3 panels that you use is your choice....enjoy

The Barcelona pack on the previous page is now complete.


Youth Team
Any chance of some HIbernian adboards from Scotland? I've actually just finished building their ground for the game and it's definitely my best stadium yet.

Just needs some quality adboards to finish it off.

pretty please :)


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2006-2007 Atleti Ads

I can make some ads for Hibs but I need photos or video. IF I find some then I will make them:)

Club Atlético de Madrid

I will make more for them, later.......