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New year, new thread.
Requests are always welcome. Comments, suggestions, bitches, gripes and complaints are also welcome. Just don't insult me or others in my thread. Lets have a good year.


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Here is a request from the last thread.

AC Milan

I made 5 panels, so you need to choose the 3 that you like the best. Mix and match different combinations until you get a desired result. Cheers.


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I second that, it's too dark, but your addboards are correct, I watched the game vs. Ascoli on TV and the sponsors on the boards are the real ones, good work


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yes great work jut too dark

My opinion shade better



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I feel so embarrassed:$ I usually notice things like this before I post, but I was using a different monitor screen yesterday so maybe it was the coloring of the screen( sorry excuse HAHA)Thanks to everyone for the comments,constructive comments like these are how I can improve. changed the darkness by lowering the opacity and reposted the changes above. Do you all think this is better?


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Hello Tre
Those AC Milan adboards are brilliant but I agree with the others on changing the color to a brighter one. I've just made my new thread so please comment :).


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I'm after some Celtic adboards, mate. Made the request in John's thread too.

If either of you do them i'll be happy


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yo tre' any advances on those champions league boards sorry to keep banging on the ones for the 07 demo only seem to work at certain staduims on fifa 06 old trafford being 1 any advice on what i have done wrong? or is that what you found to :ewan:


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Hey ALL....

I am making some ads for Barcelona, but before I post the full pack, I am going to post only one panel. After everyone disliked the AC Milan electronic shade, I made a new one and I want to know what everyone thinks about this texture.