Tournament mode squad glitch

DJ Jay

Club Supporter
I have fifa soccer 2010 for the 360, never had a problem since the day it came out until now. I recently started playing in the tournament mode and played around 8 games in the first season. Every time i go to play the next match the squad formations are messed up which i have read that many people have experienced this, but what is weird is that all of my best players have been replaced with goal keeps with random numbers where their OVR is supposed to be i.e. ( -1257834). I played a couple of matches, saved it, turned the game off and played like normal multiple times. The next time around the 8th match i loaded it like normal and checked out the formation because the formation had to be changed every match, which is frustrating, but i can deal with that. All of the reserves are put in random positions on the field and i have roughly 10 GK on the team in the reserves in the place of the starting lineup. Their names are also just numbers that clearly should not be there along with no bio info except they are all 19 and all have the same stats also ( many attributes are at 0 and some are at 99, 65 , 3 ) Anyways I know im being repetitive, but I just do not understand how it works fine and randomly messes up. any thoughts would be appreciated! :innocent_smile_1: