Tournament and League Structure and Editing Thread


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No tutorial for it?
Don't like to copy,
And what is biggest competition
(most teams)

Totally not sent from my mobile, Because why would i do that?


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To make a new competition i have to replace another (i think)
How to change a competition from AFC to Nation: Germany?


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Hi, i have problems:

1. I add Solomon, Vanuatu, Tahití and Fiyi.
2. Add in Country.
3. Add in International Friendly 47 > 51
4. Copy AFC WC Qualifier > Paste and rename as OFC.
5. Add in OFC WCQ Solomon, Vanuatu, Tahití and Fiyi and the schedule.
6. Start the season (AUG-MAY) and Jun 19 the game crash. The world cup have not any National Team.

Always! if edit the tourn. structure all teams in groups stage are not listed. Why?

EDIT: Now are working, Tahiti won OFC Qualifiers. But i can't switch the zones (A,B,C,D) in group stage of WC Qualifiers, Euro Qualifiers. I only can watch 1 group.

Other question, why the teams 1st, 2nd and 3rd qualify to Copa Libertadores, and Copa Sudamericana?
Should be 1º - 2º - 3º > Copa Libertadores and 4º - 5º - 6º > Copa Sudamericana.


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After setting up MLS for the 15/16 format by replacing Chivas USA with Orlando City and adding NYCFC, I'm left with moving Houston and SKC to the Western Conference to make room in the East for the new teams. However, looking at the tournament set-up in CM14, I have no idea how to do this. I can find the conferences themselves in the structure, but I cannot specify which teams go to which conference.

Does anybody know how to do this?


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Hello i want to create a tournament with 2 groups of 15 each, qualifying for a second round the best 4 of each group ( quaterfinals) and then semifinal and final.....can some help me please...


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It's there a way to create a team to not appear in Career Mode ? Just like Classic XI ? I want to make two teams this way... could you help me ?


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I have a problem. After adding NYCFC and Orlando City, I've later tried playing a CM with Everton. Everything has looked great up until the point where I decided to see how the all-AI MLS has shaped up.

I have no idea why, but New York just won't play matches at all when I'm not controlling a team/player in the league. Adding two more matches to the Saturday time slots did nothing. Increasing the number of teams in the Eastern Conference did nothing as well. It's not that the team isn't playable (it works fine when I'm playing an MLS team) but that the team does absolutely nothing when I'm using a non-MLS team.


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rescalon;3759966 said:
Hello i want to create a tournament with 2 groups of 15 each, qualifying for a second round the best 4 of each group ( quaterfinals) and then semifinal and final.....can some help me please...

New 2015 Argentinian league?


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Hi, I'm new in this forum and I was reading the first pages and trying to understand the compdata structure. I'm just trying to learn compdata structure to edit one single League in a ptach that I have downloaded, this patch has everything I need (it has the Copa Libertadores, Sulamericana, Brazilian Serie A, B, C and D), but I just don't like to play League Format, I would like to play Playoffs like the Mexican and MLS championships.

But the problem is, I can't open this patch in Creationh Master, except by removing all the compdata files, and when I do that the Carreer Mode simple doesn't start, the game crash.

So, I have two questions only:

1 - Is it possible that the creator of this mod just "blocked" compdata in someway that it makes impossible to edit in Creation Master 14? Or he just edited every file mannualy?

2 - Is there any tutorial how all the compdata files work? Because everything I know I had collected reading posts in this topic, but there is a lot of information I don't get yet

(like how the schedule works, what is the maximum number of lines for every file, why compobj has all their lines numbered one by one, what happens if I change one line? Do I have to renumber everything?)

Thank you very much, sorry if I made any english mistake.


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I don't know if this thread is alive yet but I need a help

I created a league with 20 teams, using the id = 65 (Ireland) in the league
in tournaments mode is worked fine but it crashed in career mode in august transfer window
I edited in CM14, I just save it and run the game.
Is something in compobj or transfer.ini or something I must to do? or regeneration? (I think that is not necessary in CM) I'm newbie with editions :)
sorry for the bad english


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Tournament mode multi season incl. promotion and relagation

Hi all. Im new to this and i could really use your help today i created a world leagye with 4 different divisons i did this buy replacing the current English leagues. So in testing everything works fine but my problem is how do i continue the tournament because after one season it ends. I also want the teams to be promoted and relegated. So if any one can help me so i can have a multi season tournament mode it would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Help with Champions League and Europa League mod/patch

Can somebody help me to make an Champions League and Europ League patch/mod? Or just to give me some tips so that i can make it by my own. Because that is what i miss in the most patches that did come out.


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Hello someone could help me I want to create league teams 32 instead of 24 league created where you should rewrite?


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In case someone is still visiting this forum section, how can i make Career Mode start in 2016/2017 seaseon ? CALSTART_YEAR = 2016 crashes the game I THINK because of EURO and EURO Qualifiers. I can make EURO Qualifiers start in 2018, but can't EURO in 2020 because 2018 is maximum.
Is there somewhere a parameter setting i can change to be able to put EURO start in 2020 ?


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the moddingway mod has the euro starting in 2020.

this is the header of it in settings.txt


Harry BullZak

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Can someone please help?

I've read through many many threads (FIFA 13-18 forums) but I can't seem to get the answer I'm looking for. It's made doubly hard as some of the likely very helpful links I haven't been able to follow since the forum switched to a new platform.

I am currently pulling together a FIFA 14 patch which merges lots of other patches with FIFA 18 official EA updated stats and teams. It is huge (45GB +) but I am looking at a way of sharing it after the January transfer window has passed - some time in February.

Nearly everything is working fine except I can't seem to set the correct team objectives for a season.

China Super League added replacing Korea K League with ID 83
League structure changed to European structure instead of original Playoff structure.
Schedules updated etc
Career runs through with no crashes but has the following issues:
  1. All working great accept the objective is always 'become Play-off champion' instead of something like 'Win the League Title'. There are no Play-offs in this league structure.
  2. Something odd going on where news stories pop up too early declaring a champion (who is still catchable) only to then have another story pop up when the actual champions win the league. I noticed this story on game 28 of 30 where my team were 2nd but could win the league if I won the last two games. I did win the games and was crowned champions with a matching news story.
Any tips?