Total graphic patch [MoviesGDB/ScoreboardsGDB/TVLogosGDB]

I downloaded everything needed for Czech league. I just need more free time to edit it. Also for Russia, Austria etc.
I like to play lower leagues. In combination with mp3 player and chants best combination. i use script so i can easily turn off, play next chant etc during match.

Bundesliga and EPL are using their own IDs.
All other leagues and cups use 9000 and above id.
Use CGFile Server 16 to use scoreboards and popups. They should go into your
data/ScoreboardGDB folder. Intros into MoviesGDB and tv logos into TVLogoGBD.
Start CGFS 16, open game, when choose your teams, click on CGFS and select what do you want. Open settings or line-ups in your game, do what you need, go back and wait to see in CGFS 16 that game applied your stuff. Thats it.

I know this is an old post, but is there any way to have these scoreboards & movies preset so you don't have to minimize the game everytime?


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I would be glad if you help, I am a novice and I do not have English. Where should I throw the file?

how much idiot I still haven't found a solution :(
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Robson Mambrini

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You could also do the MLS and Liga Bancomer MX scores ... also give attention to the Latin countries of SOUTH America ... those in EUROPE are very well represented, but we also have a large collection of local images that could to help. If you need and are willing we are there.
Is there a possibility of this happening friend?


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Well i had in plan to do them but after starting to work again i dont have much free time. Now most of it spend playing game.
I even start working on new Libertadores but after many work i screwed some texture, pissed off and give it up for now.


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Hi, I want to ask how to show the title of the match like image below?

I want to put the "FRIENDLY" text on the scoreboard I'm making

Ale MI

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good morning,

can you create these popups and a fantasy scoreboard with the same style, please?

thank you


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Hey Nikola, I’m not a pro in CGF server. If I want any of those to use for the normal black intro’s ( like the Dutch eredivisie intro ) I just need to copy one of those files in to my data folder ?


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@nikolapfc89 Hey man, just asking..
Is there a way to convert the movies in your scoreboard files to VP6 so that it'll be used in FIFA 14/15...
I've tried looking but No luck