Top Fifa 12 PC club looking for new players


Club Supporter
Hi all.

i represent a fifa 12 club that's been going on for nearly over a month now and we are now looking for new experienced users who wish to play for a top ranked side in clubs.

We are within the top 100(think we are like number 107 to be exact) in whole world and 6th in division 1 and are now looking to bolster our squad with 3-4 new additions to the Team.

We are looking for a world class GK, a couple of defensive minded players who can play anywhere across the back 4 and in DM role, plus an attacking player.

We do swap positions sometimes so even if you are more suited to a CB, you will get the opportunity to play an attacking role as well.

Most of us in the club are very versatile, i.e we can play and adapt any position so if you can do the same, that would be great.

The type of player we are looking for is someone that passes a lot, doesn't hold the ball too long and stays in position at all times wherever they are set to play.

We are not really looking for proper world class/god-like Club players, we are looking for people who are a team player. So all skill levels are welcomed so long as you pass pass pass and stay in position at all times.

Our aim is to recruit 3-4 new people in our side who can play between 8-11pm during the evenings and to help the club reach top 50 next season and hopefully finish 1st in division 1 for next season too.

If you like the sound of my club, please reply in this thread and/or add me on origin "jon_da_kiss" and we can take it from there.

Thanks for reading this.