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Tonce;3561921 said:
So I just got my autumn break and I thought I'd do some kits because I have time now :) But I'm a bit tired of my kit texture now, anybody got a cool kit pattern I can use? :) I'll finish Championship kitpack this week! And maybe do some other kit requests.

Great news, mate!


Youth Team
If it isn't difficult for you, please, make these yellow strips on the back of Barcelona's socks



Senior Squad
Anyone know what Adidas template the new Mexico kit is? :) I wanna try that one but it seems like a new Adidas template


The Super-Swede
Thans Jammee, I have now finished both Home and GK kits with shorts.

Tonce: Maybe you'll need to adjust the green colors a bit, slighty more blue to it would do, I guess.

Also add the adidas stripes on the long sleeves, KnightRider08 was kind enough to provide me with this pic:

I would try to make the transition of the thickness of the stripes smoother. Im talking about the stripes on the front of the shirt. I made them manually in illustrator, changing the thickness slightly for every 3 stripes, to get a smooth transition.


Youth Team
can use FIFA 13 kits in FIFA 14?

please someone reply soon as I am soon going to start putting all the kits collected and some from 13 forums were very good