Three cheers to Matt Holme


Youth Team

Please join me in thanking Matt for the amazing job he's done with SG.

The game wouldn't have been as good without his contributions to the community.

Matt will be sadly missed here but now we have a true representative at EA Canada. I am sure he will make his mark there as he has done here.

Thanks Matt for all the hard work you've done. Good luck in your new venture.

Also, good luck to Lior. Matt is hard to replace but if anyone can do keep this site going strong, you can!


Staff member

Big thanks to Matt for founding SG, and Good luck to Lior to continue operations! :D


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Thankyou to Matt obviously for all his work.

Chau Le :o :o :o :o
Hows things going man? Your editors were awesome, you are also a legend in the scene.


The Man From Ohio
Wow, I didn't know Matt was joining EA Canada. :o

Good luck to him there, and thanks for all he's done here. :)


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Congrats Matt on the new job position though I must say I envy you soooo much. I imagine working for EA is gonna kick ass :mrpimp: