The Wolf 0_text.afs Update PES4 PC


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Originally posted by TristanAbbott7
King Ariel of SoccerAccess.

No , Ariel Santarelli did not create the balls. He converted them to PES4
The balls were created for Fifa 2005 by the Fifa serwis team ( Polish site )


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thanks again Wolf at last all the kits and the nike balls! couldnt get them to work at 2.30 am this morning
You are a true gentleman Wolf


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Is that the Premiership Ball currently used in real life (The Yellow One with Blue Circle ?)

Just a question whilst im here , can someone explain to me why it isnt possible for the Team names to be genuine when playing online against someone , yet they are when you play Single player as i dont fully understand the concept of this.


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Originally posted by AndreaSpooky
a question, wolf

did u manage to edit the name of the balls, to change em into new ones? :)

May not be much point Wolf doing that as some may want the latest version of the patch then choose to put their own combination of balls into the game.

For example, I only need the original premiership Aerow and the yellow one, so I will replace what looks like the white/darker blue Aerow with the premiership ball, and also replace the white/red Aerow, as well as the Adidas finale which I don't like, with alternatives.


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WOLF include also this:

This is a link for download the balls:


This is a link for download the faces:


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Originally posted by rvdv
Are the English club teams kits updated in the Master League?

Yes. The kits are all written into the data file from what Wolf said in the announcement (as they were in the 3.01 update of the patch) so they apply everywhere in the game.

The kits are also used in the ML if you are using 3.0 along with the latest version of Kitserver and the kits database.


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Wolf, i currently have your 3.0 patch. So the only thing i want is the new balls, so i dont want the kits so my question is if i can replace the o file with this one and then my game still works cause then i have kitserver kits and the kits in afs or something. So is there a way to install everything exept the kits? and i dont mean with ball revolution cause i dont want to install afs explorer? or do i need to overwrite my old o file with this one and then it should work fine..? Or do i need to uninstall kitserver?? cause i want the whole update exept the kits cause i already have them..

Btw: Ca u replace the blue one with the epl blue one


Wolf, this 0_text.afs update will come with the Super Face vol.1 ????


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Anyone managed to get that Ball Revoloution to work ????

Me and a few others have followed the readme to the letter and it dont work.


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wolf you should replace beckham's boots by the Pulse red/black. More players wear them so why have a model that is used just by one player?


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Originally posted by biker_jim_uk
did you use my EPL versions of the Aerows?

Nah, I didn't Jim as not everybody who uses my patches plays the EPL. Personally I'm gonna use them myself but I figured for the patch I'd leave the default Aerows. Easy for people to change though now the slots have been made big enough for them and they don't have to regerate the .afs themselves.

To answer some of the other questions on here:

- The first post lists the changes. If it doesn't say it includes the facepack then it doesn't.
- You can still use KitServer if you want and that'll overide the uniforms built into the .afs so there's no need for you to have an .afs without them.
- I haven't edited the .str files with the real names of the balls because like somebody else said, eventually people will have their own individual collections and then hte names will be wrong anyway. I will release a small patch for the e_data.afs file to give the correct names of the balls included in this .afs at some stage.
- The balls included are listed in the first post. There are only 7 slots for balls so I can't include every single one created.


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Originally posted by manolis
wolf you should replace beckham's boots by the Pulse red/black. More players wear them so why have a model that is used just by one player?

Because many players use the blue/silver/white pulse and this is the closest shoe to it. The only difference is the little stick-man in free-kick pose that you can barely see. The red/black Adidas are in there too.