The Official Arsenal Thread [Season 2006/07]


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Kulixs;2348064 said:
Only £16 million for Henry, should be able to get them a decent replacement though, I think the fact you guys have Walcott has made it easier to make the decision, maybe Walcott will start now ?

On another note, although I don't like to admit it, I think your guys new kit is awesome. Damn.

I dont think Walcott will start up front for at least another season. Wenger thinks he is to light weight at the moment. He have cameo roles on the wing and maybe start a few games on the right this season.


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Reyes bulked up pretty quickly after he came in. Im sure Theo can bulk up more this summer and will be stronger and not get tossed off the ball. We need speed and Theo is the only one I can think of that can zip by defenders with ease.


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I couldn't believe it when I heard, but I honestly believe you guys have the quality throughout the squad to compensate. No one individual can replace Henry, but I think the squad as a whole will be fine. Henry turns 30 before this season and Arsenal cashed in while they can. I think in the long run, it was best to sell him.


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Yeah the loss of Henry as a player wont be as bad as some think, im more worried about what will happen with Wenger and the club.


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does any1 think that now that henry has left wenger might leave when his contract expires therefore leaving a wide door open for a massive clearout at arsenal?? cesc, toure, adebayor, walcott, van persie, clichy, senderos and brought to arsenal by wenger and now they could all leave??


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ladylover;2349866 said:
I don't think that Wenger will leave, but then again Henry surprised me too

We knew it was coming, Wenger did an interview two weeks ago talking about signings and didn't mention Henry when he was listing the forwards he had to work with. I knew right then.