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I think Tom would want to kill me, since I was one of the guys that annoyed him so much back in the day, asking for a seperate music forum.

But, the fact of the matter is, the movies and music forums annoy me. I keep seeing new posts in the Lounge, only to click and see it's in the movies and music subforums. I'd like for them to be deleted and have their contents poured into the Lounge. It'd be the same thing, only in one forum instead of several subforums.

Other than the subforums annoying me, there's valid reasons to unify them:

1. The Lounge gets checked more often than its subforums, merging them would mean the threads in the subforums get more exposure.

2. The site doesn't have enough traffic in the Lounge to justify the separation and the Lounge looks barren. Merge them and it would look like it has more activity, which is more welcoming to newbs.

3. The site has spent more time without the Music subforum than with, and it's actually had more activity when without. Not that the two are interlinked, but it won't have a negative effect on the site anyway.

4. Only 4-5 people actually use the subforums (Zlatan, Jaboldinho, MaSsive...), it's not like there's going to be complaints about it being gone.


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Yeah, we have been discussing this some and I totally agree with you and so does most of the other mods too. So it will be merged soon I guess.