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I'd like to show you my gameplay based on Supernova's, I also would like ask all of You who could help me.
The most important is fact that half time is 45 min (i know that most of you are not intrested in playing in that way, but I am).
The results in matches CPU vs CPU are realistic fe. 1:0 2:0 etc. the highest was 4:3 in match MC vs Liverpool, so it is ok for me.
Matches were played on legendary level. Unfortunately in games me vs CPU, results, are also realistic, but a little higer fe. 2:2 3:2, the lowest was 2:1, almost often are 3-5 goals. For me it's close to ok. But it is not because of gameplay but sliders, I set less ball control, less passes accuracy, and shots accuracy, in games me vs cpu, both teams have often 15-25 shots, but on goal only 5-8. Ok, it sometimes apear in real, but very very rearely.
So could you give me any tips how to change it, i would like teams to play slower, to build their situations longer, to longer be on their half, u know, i would the to prepare longer theire offensive actions. Players always play as if it were 70 min and they were losing. Always full speed,It is realistic? For me not. t is one thing, that could improve gameplay to more realistic.
Second is stamina, i use sliders to deal with it, in 2nd half i increase speed to 70 and it's ok, but players still are tired,I also decrease injuries to 5-6, and in every almost game it appears due to tireness. If somebody know how to increase stamina * 2,25 please tell me.
I would like to improve a few things in career mode.
1.More transfers from my league.
From polish league in every window lots of players are transfered to other, better leagues, from almost every team are taken 2-3 best players. How to change it?
I added huge amount of free agents and they are added to teams, it's perfect. But i want teams to sell their players also.
In my every carrer (testing about 100 times) best young polish player very rarely are bought, Jozwiak, Gumny, Karbownik, never. how to change it?
2.Not extending contract with the best and the worst players.
In polish league teams rarely can afford to extend contract with their best players, fe. Lech with Gytkjaer, Piast with Jorge Felix, and they leave the club, signing new team after the season. How can I change it? During the loading new season we can see screen, on witch player is considering a new contract, beacuse old is running out, and in real word there is a 20% chance to extend, but in game he ALWAYS do it.
Also teams do not extend with the worst players, beacuse they do not need them. Fe. Lukasz Zaluska in Pogon, Lech with Vujadinovic, ect. In FIFA it never appears, why?
By 10 seasons they keep the player who never plays.
Any tips?
If somebody can help me please do it, I can share you my dlc, with 4 play off round europane cups to polish teams, that i create.
I will send you a short video from my gameplay.
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Hello bro, I'm already in love with your gameplay. But if you can be of any help, I have an issue with my freekicks being too easy to score with the wall not jumping. Do you have any tip for it? I would like the wall to always jump, making the freekicks more challenging. Thamks.


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In todays world it's hard to tell what is realistic result and whats not, but I get your point.