The most extensive request list


Senior Squad
why do all players have short sleeves, even during the winter months, there should be an addition to the kit selection to choose long sleeves for a game


Youth Team
just heard

EA will be releasing FIFA 2006 for XBOX2 with new technology and so forth....

I just hope they really listen to us and revamp most of the things that are pretty bad, especially improvement in overall physics of players, kicks, ball and nets...


BTW, like I said before, I was really disappointed with WE8 and the feel that you are playing a game from the early 90's, with those stupid keyboard songs, old menus, extremely terrible chants and commentaries and all... Still, gameplay is very realistic, but the overall game is crap.

Hopefully EA will take advantage of that and capitalize on giving the whole package with improvements in gameplay and physics.



Starting XI
I hope they dont ignore their constituents. As holders of all the licensing deals, sponsorship, etc, they have a responsibility to present the best, more satisfactory game possible.
What I want, building on what others have said
-More Stadiums (its really not that hard, honestly)
-More Realisitic Crowds
-Kits that do not look like absolute crap in the game
-A career mode that is perhaps not as deep, but based on real monetary figures, and as someone said, has all the trappings of a realistic, tcm type game (real transfers, player talks, choosing sponsors, etc)
-Celebrations after winning major trophies, or even important games, for gods sake, please
-faces and names for all the significant players, no matter how young or up and coming
-realistic youth system
-a built in editor so that we dont have to go downloading patches and are allowed to change things as they happen. And for console, perhaps make this in game
-would realistic managers patrolling the touchline, with reactions, and even staff on the benches be too much to ask?

Bah, besides all that, i dont really mind fifa, even the gameplay. But i dont wanna sound like a complainer (H)


Club Supporter
Total Freedom at defence! Not only on attack

I think there should be more freedom defending. It is for me a real problem sometimes to choose the right player to defend. I keep changing and changing and it seems the right player i want to choose is impossible to achive or it takes ages til i get him.

This becomes horrible, specially in human vs human games.

So i propose that the changing player button should subsist but the 2nd analog stick should be given a new functionality. When defending, the 2nd anolog stick should be used to change to the player we wish, pointing directly to the one we want, and keep changing until we finally get the player we wish. This would make the process much faster and would make the defences much more dinamic.

Total freedom not only attacking but defending as well.