The Italian Serie A Thread [2006-2007]


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Standings: First Day of Serie A

Since the Second Day of Serie A is about to start, I wanted to re-fresh your memory.


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FIGC in chaos as Rossi quits
Friday 15 September, 2006
FIGC Commissioner Guido Rossi has sensationally taken charge of Telecom, so the Italian Federation is left looking for a new President.

Rossi only took over from Franco Carraro in an emergency capacity in May to lead Italian football through the Calciopoli scandal.

However, this evening he was sensationally announced as the new President of troubled Telecom Italia, replacing Inter shareholder Marco Tronchetti Provera at the helm. It’s a return, as he had also been in charge of the company for a few months in 1997.

This means Rossi must leave the world of sport and the FIGC must now find a new chief, especially with the tricky arbitration for those punished in the match-fixing trial coming up.

Incredibly, the move took those within the Italian football world by surprise. “I didn’t know anything about it and only read about this on the news,” confessed CONI President Gianni Petrucci.

Rossi had been hailed by some quarters as the saviour of calcio, but bitterly criticised by others, such as Fiorentina patron Diego Della Valle.

“I’m very glad he’s taking this position, I’m sure he’ll be well suited to the job,” sarcastically noted Palermo President Maurizio Zamparini.

“Now we’ll get a new President for the FIGC, it can’t be that hard. We must immediately call a meeting and elect a new Federal chief. I’ve been asking for this for a long time.”

FIGC fury at Rossi conflict

The world of Italian football has reacted angrily to news that FIGC Commissioner Guido Rossi has taken charge of Telecom – a clear conflict of interest.

Appointed to lead the Federation through the Calciopoli scandal in May, Rossi stunned the sporting community when he was appointed President of troubled company Telecom Italia late last night.

Although he has not formally handed in his resignation from the FIGC – and CONI chief Gianni Petrucci confirmed he had only heard about the development through the news agencies – it would be practically impossible for him to continue in both positions.

“Rossi has no intention of leaving. I am convinced he’ll stay on,” FIGC Vice-President Vito Gamberale was quoted as saying in today’s newspapers.

But Rossi cannot lead Telecom through its controversial reconstruction plans and rewrite the Calcio rulebook, as it would be a clear conflict of interest – the very situation his appointment was meant to prevent.

Telecom Italia owns Alice (who show football on their mobile phone services), TIM (who sponsor Serie A and B) and La7 (a television channel that has 10 clubs in its digital pay-per-view package).

“How many posts can he hold? At this point I think it’s opportune for Rossi to resign, at the very least from his position as Extraordinary Commissioner for the FIGC,” said Minister for Justice Clemente Mastella.

“I am awaiting clarification,” added Minister for Sport Giovanna Melandri. “One thing has to be clear – the reformation of football must not be interrupted in any way.”

Now the race is on to find another man to lead the Federation – it would be the third such figure in five months, as Franco Carraro resigned in the wake of the Calciopoli scandal on May 16.

The appointment could either be with someone outside of the football world, in which case the prime candidates are Gianni Letta and Gamberale.

If the clubs choose a return to having the sport dictated by a person who knows the environment well, then current CONI chief Petrucci (who already took over temporarily in 2000) or Raffaele Pagnozzi (who was Extraordinary Commissioner from 1996 to 1997) are the most likely options.

Here's a little research I've done on Telecom(company that had most of the phone taps for the whole "italian" scandal).

Guido Rossi------------------------ex-Inter board and Italian Federation President

Marco Tronchetti Provera (1)---------------shareholder and sponsor of Inter

Vice Presidente
Gilberto Benetton

Amministratori Delegati
Carlo Orazio Buora (1) --------------Director of Pirelli(Inter main sponsor)
Riccardo Ruggiero (2)

Paolo Baratta (indipendente) (3)
John Robert Sotheby Boas (indipendente)
Diana Bracco (indipendente)
Francesco Denozza (indipendente) (4)
Domenico De Sole (indipendente) (1) (4)
Luigi Fausti (indipendente) (3)
Guido Ferrarini (indipendente) (4)
Jean Paul Fitoussi (indipendente)
Enzo Grilli (indipendente)
Vittorio Merloni (indipendente)
Gianni Mion
Massimo Moratti------------------------------>Inter owner
Marco Onado (indipendente) (1) (4)
Renato Pagliaro
Pasquale Pistorio (indipendente) (1) (3)
Carlo Alessandro Puri Negri
Luigi Roth (indipendente)

(1) Membro del Comitato Strategie
(2) Direttore Generale
(3) Membro del Comitato per la remunerazione
(4) Membro del Comitato per il controllo interno e per la corporate governance

Segretario del Consiglio di Amministrazione
Francesco Chiappetta


this thread is f*cking annoying now,, are any of the lot of you over the age of 12 by chance?

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Im just freaking tired of talking about the whole thing, so Im just going to say, yes, I agree with you.


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HOLD ON SAMP! Inter are pressing so much though, only a matter of time before they score 2 in 5 minutes then add 1 more in stoppage time :(


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TheGrimSweeper said:
sucks for inter. Although the Adriano goal was defintltly legit...

I don't think Adriano's goal was legit. I think Adriano pushed off the Sampdoria defender for sure, though I'm not sure if the Sampdoria defender feel to easy. Adriano did make a pushing motion that's for sure, whether it was hard or soft, I couldn't tell.

On the other hand, I think Viera's goal was legit, from the reply's the other Inter forward didn't touch the ball, meaning Viera was onside from the original pass. Though, to be fair, they didn't really show to many replays of the incident so on another channel they might of showed a more conclusive replay. From what I seen, it was onside though.


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Anyone watching the Lazio - Palermo game?

0-2 at HT. Great goals.

Aguiliani (sp?) is AMAZING for Palermo. He's literally pullin saves out of his ass. Should have been 10-2 for Lazio.


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HT of lazio-palermo

it's 0-2, but did anyone see the GKing display by Agliardi? it was mind blowing

edit: just read your post jumbo, i knew somebody would've had to have seen it


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Can someone here tell me a bit more about Francesco Tavano? (former Empoli player, never got to watch them). I play PES5 a lot and he's a machine there, so i would like to know how he actually does IRL. He got signed for Valencia so it seems he's got talent i guess? Thanks.


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Yup, Tavano is highly touted player. I heard about him last year, I think he wanted to play for Inter or he had something to do with Inter which is how I heard about him. He's the reason Empoli got back into Serie A. Not the best, but he's a good striker. Better than Olivera, the player Milan signed this summer.