the gameplay is just toooooooo sucks!!


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Originally posted by Jomi
The problem is not there !
It's not difficult to bring the RB or LB forward
The problem is that the team move not as a block ( as it was last year and as it should be )
In Fifa 2004 it was more difficult to pass defenders but there was a team feeling. No surprise because EA asked a German trainer ( Erich Rutemoeller ) to help about the formation moves.
I had the chance to see a few top CL matches in Munich last year
Most of the time all the 20 players were grouped in 40m and it was very difficult to find spaces. Modern top football is a middlefield battle
In 2005, it is easier to shine with dribbling but there is no link between the lines. There are huge gaps.
So it's up to everybody to like it or not , although I have to say that the average Fifa player always play with the same team ( generally with Real , MU or other big names ) and prefer individual actions
Maybe that explain EA's choices from this year. They wanted to please a certain category of buyers

I will agree on thet BUT if you dont go with straight and fast forward passing and try to build the attack, also using the L1 on PS2 for player moving forward, you'll notice a huge difference on that matter. Also, team mentality and off side trap usage play some role on that so experiment a little more.


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Originally posted by james_chelliah
wei...what the hell are you on about man?

The career mode sucks because its too long?? Who the hell says you have to finish it dude?

I could just go on about the crap you said.
But i won't. I'll just say this.

If you suck at the game, go play another game. These forums don't need people like you.

and as a last word, im a Malaysian too, and it makes me SICK to hear of people like you. This is EXACTLY why Malaysian football standards are at an all time low. Pathetic. I feel disgusted to say that you are a citizen of Malaysia.

Abit harsh don't you think, you feel disgusted with him because he doesn't like fifa 2005 *cough* computer game *cough* *cough*


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When was the last time Fifa fans were NOT disappointed? As shocking as the date is, it was Fifa'98...

Actually the demo gameplay was really impressive. I can't explain the dull and 'quite' boring feeling of the full version... Something just isnt right.

When 90% of my goals are from headers, well something DEFINETLY isn't right.
But still I LIKE the game, and LUV it compared to the unplayable fifa2004....

But now I understand why Konami releases its game 2 weeks after Fifa, simply because the flaws hidden in the demo take 2 weeks to be revealed...
I heard that WE-8 isn't very AMAZING... I don't buy it but I guess we'll see for ourselves. I guess next year's soccer games will be amazing, simply because the competition can't get any tougher.

I just hope that Fifa gets more fun with more practice... maybe we're just complaining coz we still haven't developed a FULL learning curve menatilty.


Thats it for now.


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For me it is the same type of gameplay as 04 only you have to shoot differently to score. Which will take time to master and then it will be the same as 04(H). It dont matter to me as long we got the MEXICAN LEAGUE in it, it's all good :rockman:


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Some of you should shoot yourself and drop dead. First of all, there is nothing wrong with not being able to speak English fluently. All who bashed him for that should try speaking his mother tongue, morons. This is an international forum.

Second of all.. Ur.. Uh, no. I have nothing else to say. Thank you and good night.


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Yeah, I also can't understand why so many people feel sorry for their bad english, which in most cases isn't bad at all. I'm not the most fluidly english speaking person in the world, but I couldn't care less.

As for fifa2005.