The Game dont start


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Hi all,

I have a strange problem ... when i double-clic on shortcut to open the game, nothing happen. No error message .

The game dont start ... I tried to start with the CD but nothing. I was editing inter milan's players faces on CM09 before and now the game dont start.

Can please somoene help me?



get the faces files from the disc, & replace them.

its called search, i thought i mentioned that to you as
i have read this somewhere before.

& as many times as this problem has occured, it funny how you
people still import faces into your games.

what is the point of faces as you never see them unless its the intro to the match, you score, get a foul or do something stupid.


Xavi-Barca;2736849 said:
Remake your answer with a minimum of clarity !

If it just to spam like you did, "va voir ailleur" !

Débile !

how much more clear can one be when they say get the files from the disc.
in order to find them on the disc one must search.

hows that for clarity ?

i searched your issue found at least 6 results pertaining to your issue.


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in case you didnt know the meaning.


ive helped you numerous times already & every time i asked you if you searched the problem.

so dont get stupid w/ me.

nobody answers your ?'s because they have been asked many times before.

clarity ?

clarity means to be clear or understood. so what dont you understand about search?

& since you like to be a wise ass & not search things to help yourself, dont expect any
more help from me anymore, since i seem to be the only one who answers your silly, easy to
to be found solutions through the search function.

everybody has been told to search for things before, so stop taking it as you are the only one having the word search thrown at them.


Xavi-Barca;2736849 said:
, "va voir ailleur" ! Débile !

dont know what it means, dont care but have the balls to type it in english,
since every lame thread you start appears to be in english.


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why posting 3 messages ? Why dont you just edit the number one?
And please dont spend my precious time with so stupid spam.
Create a topic, name it spam and count what you want there but dont spam mine.



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Frnds i also do hv a same kinda config is dual proc 3.0,2gb RAM,256MB 7300 Grafix Card.Actually the game does not start at all it gives the following error

plz guyz help.I am trying to find a solution frm quite sum time but for no avail.i Want to play fifa09 before fifa10 is released