The English Premier League Discussion Thread


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ShiftyPowers;3649264 said:
Man U fans are so gracious about their winning
lol, +1. Irony commits suicide when I see United fans claiming that.

Mus;3649126 said:
Bar Madrid, all 3 big teams have performed well this season without those players at times, Liverpool haven't proven that yet..
Suarez didn't feature in our first five games and we still managed 10 points, which's pretty decent tbh.


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afwan11;3649386 said:
hmm you lost to Hull City.
I'd rather City win the PL
Agreed afwan - Best case scenario (WHo I'd want to win the Premier League)
1 - Chelsea, 2- Arsenal, 3 - Man City, 4 - Everton (Anyone else).


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Haarithan;3649375 said:
Lost to Southampton is all. Beat Villa 1-0 at Villa Park without Suarez...
My bad, but I still think that you have nowhere near enough depth and the gap between Suarez and the rest of the squad is huge

Seán D

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ShiftyPowers;3650831 said:
A draw at home in the Champions League while conceding an away goal is not a win.
In the context of the season, it's our biggest win of the year. We should have been raped. Moyes is the most clueless fucker to set foot in a football stadium.

Seán D

fm prodigy
ShiftyPowers;3651088 said:
Few teams get raped when they defend with 9 in the box.
First sensible decision he made all year. Bayern are premium beer and we're the cheapest of the lot.

I much preferred to watch Bayern under Heynkes mind you. Never been a fan of Pep's style of football. I didn't think they took enough shots last week. That will change in the return. Robben will get some joy against Evra.

Rooney is a doubt so Welbeck looks to be going up top. Could be a great thing for us as long as he doesn't try a lob.


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Am I correct in saying that David Moyes is the 10th longest serving manager in the league? I saw someone say that today.

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A Fulham win over Norwich next week and Fulham would be 2 pts. from the safety. They look like the clear candidate for relegation but they've seen light at the end of the tunnel.

Sunderland and Cardiff are done.