The CM legends update


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Frostwolf said:
So this update has the players with their exact stats (wherever applicable) from CM? CA/PA's are the same as well?
Yeah we made them as close as we can to their older selfs but in some games they are better then in other games.


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Well instead of just taking over a club i decided to make a new club in the EPL with all the Legends :rockman: , check it out Zlatan

This one is for TROD :lui:

I will tell you how this team goes.


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It's great to see those old stars shine again ey? It really puts me back in time


Anyhow update on the uploading problems there's a problem with the FTP-server of filefront I just have dispatched an email to the support helpdesk but I don't think I will get much help from them.

Rapidshare will be the only upload server I think



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Good news! The uploading to filefront seems to work!

In a few days we might have a better server...


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Is it compatible with 5.0.5 ?

Sorry if it's been answered before! And thanks a lot for it! Donwloading it, can't wait to play with Tsigalko again :D


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Just noticed this thread.

You all should be ashamed of not mentioning Andrei Sigtorsen from Iceland. In CM 99/00 and 00/01 he was the MAN! His stats sucked and he still would lead La Liga in scoring.