The automatic Kit-Converter - Making a kit in less than one minute


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ionutz2009;3525583 said:
I undertand this steps,steps in photoshop :( i don't understand :(

Can you see the list with the steps in Photoshop ? There are the categories "Banden" , "Minifaces" , and "Trikots"


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I'n using Photoshop CS4 and there is no file called Actions Palette. When merged with the Action File and started, the programme says it does not recognise the file. I think this is what some of the others are trying to advise you on.


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Video tutorial

Tese;3524600 said:
After presenting many converted kits from FIFA 13 in my thread I´m now able to share the Kit-Convertor with all of you.
A big thanks goes to Van-der-Vaart23 who helped me making an English version.

To use this tool you need Adobe Photoshop !


How to install:

1) Unpack the rar. file
2) copy the file "ActionsParlette" to Photoshop/Data/PhotoshopCSx/Settings
and replace the existing one. Copy the other files in the folder where you
want to save your kits later.
3) Open Photoshop
4) Press F9 , a new window will open
5) Chose "Trikots" (it´s german for kits) and there chose FIFA 13 ->FIFA 10
You see a long list of the steps to convert the kit. Photoshop will do these
steps automaticly.
6) In this list you find four times the action "open"
7) Doubbleklick the first "open" a window will open, there chose "Vorlage
Trikot" from the rar. file
8) Doubbleklick the second "open" a window will open, there chose "Vorlage
Hose" from the rar. file
9) Doubbleklick the third "open" a window will open, there chose "short" from
the rar. file
10) Doubbleklick the fourth "open" a window will open, there chose "logo" from
the rar. file
11) Close Photoshop

The Converter is installed now !

How to use it:
A FIFA 13 (12 or 11) Kit has two parts the main kit an the shorts. Sometimes
the logo is also seperated
1) Save the Kit in the folder where you haved coppied the
pictueres from the rar file
2) Save the shorts by replacing the existing file "shorts"
3) Save the logog by replacing the existing file "Logo"
4) Open the kit in Photoshop (only the Kit !)
5) Press F9
6) Chose "Trikots" (it´s german for kits) and there chose FIFA 13 ->FIFA 10
7) Klick the start button
8) In a few seconds you have a FIFA 10 kit
9) If the FIFA 13 kit had allready a logo, hide the layer with the logo
10) You have to create the rest of the collar yourself
11) Safe the kit
Can somebody please make a video tutorial for these steps. I get lost in "How to use it"
Thanks for the tool though.


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Hi, great tool! I have a question though, I have tried to convert kit and it worked ok until it reached the logo section, then i got "The command Duplicate is not currently available."
What i have done wrong? 10x.


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Van-der-Vaart23;3529900 said:
so here's a Video how to use Tese's Kitkonverter... Youtube

@Tese you can put it in your Startpost too ;)

Can you also make a video how to install it. I think this is the bigger problem for most.


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Follow this as I did : For all those who can't find the Actions Parlette!

it could be here:

C: \Users\[Your Name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Photoshop\9.0\Adobe Photoshop CS[Your version] Settings

the Appdata folder is a hidden folder so you have to open it like that (For Windows Vista & 7):

-Click on Windows Button
-Search %appdata%
-Click on the Folder Roaming
-search Adobe
-then click on Photoshop
-and so on...


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Tengo un problema, cuando le doy play para convertir me tira un error que dice "el comando capa "Layer 1"" no esta actualmente disponible.


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I have a problem, when I play to convert shoot me an error saying "the command layer" Layer 1 "" is not currently available.