The Arsenal Thread [2005/06]

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I think how we recover from our CL games will have a great deal with our league run. If we keep our CL form going we should get 4th place fine.

Its good that 4th place is now in our hands, we dont need to worry about other results going our way although that always helps :)


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Superb performance once again yesterday :) . Juventus were so poor, it is unbelievable that they lead the Serie A by 10 points or so. I had the feeling that if Arsenal really wanted to, they could have trashed Juve by a margin of 2 or 3. Villarreal will be an interesting tie.


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I've been able to watch Villarreal on more than a half a dozen occasions this year due to me being a degenerate and stupid gambler and have gotten to observe them a bit.

They're a good defending team (for a Spanish club) who have a never say die attitude and a penchant for getting goals at very inopportune times (for the opponents, of course). So they're very comfortable at playing levelled, a goal down, or a goal up. So, I think we should use a two forward formation of some sort against them and press them hard and often as only English clubs can do.


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what will arsenal do with the shirts?
at all home games theyv used the home shrit with nike numbering... at all CL away games its been the yellow shirt with EPL numbering. but now, villareal's home is yellow, so whats gonna happen? we might bring back the navy from last year! or (hopefully) well use nike numbering away in europe also :-)


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Run out (Home matches in bold)-
Spurs- Everton, Man Utd, Arsenal, Bolton, West Ham

Blackburn- Liverpool, Birmingham, Charlton, Chelsea, Man City

Arsenal- Portsmouth, West Brom, Man City, Spurs, Sunderland, Man City Wigan

Bolton- Chelsea, West Brom, Charlton, Spurs, Birmingham, Middlesbrough

Predictions in order of fixtures-
Spurs- Draw, Lose, Lose, Draw, Lose: 60
Blackburn- Lose, Win, Draw, Win: 61
Arsenal- Draw, Win, Win, Win, Win: 67
Bolton- Lose, Draw, Win, Draw, Win, Win: 62

Final standings-
Arsenal: 67
Blackburn: 63
Bolton: 61
Spurs: 60

Well I predicted everything right this weekend.

Notice i've changed my prediction to draw at Portsmouth because it's away, they're in good form and we'll be tired and recovering from a defeat at Old trafford.

Although Wednesday is in my opinion the last match where we'll logically drop points, bar injury crisis or something. Spurs at home we could lose, home advantage and the players determination should see us through there. Although I hope we get a good lead against Villarreal the match before so our minds are fully concentrated on the spurs match, rather on the villarreal match 3 days afterwards.

All is not lost gooners, but it's gonna be tight.


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Dreath said:
Notice i've changed my prediction to draw at Portsmouth because it's away, they're in good form and we'll be tired and recovering from a defeat at Old trafford.
That was spot on!


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damn this sux, hope just hope we win the cl this year.

already that retard cole is leaving at the end of the season and rumours are that torres will snub spurs to arsenal b'cause of reyes.



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I so hope that we get in 4th position this year but it doesnt seem possible atm....Draw at Portsmouth means a must win v Tottenham.... Might just win the CL like liverpool...

I would like Arsenal to get Torres as Adebayor is total crap... WTF did wenger pay £7 mil for a **** stricker who cant finish... and why aint he playin VP at front.


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Getting the last spot is possible for Arsenal, Tottenham has a couple of difficult matches comming up against Everton, Man U, Arsenal, Bolton and West Ham


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we need to get a good result on tues or weds whenever the CL game is on, to get some momentum for the spurs game, if we beat spurs we wil get 4th spot, spurs will crumble but we have to win first


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Help? said:
That was spot on!

Wow I'm getting a bit too good at this prediction malarky. Lets all hope I get every other prediction right.

I predict that Hedi Klum will pleasure me tonight.
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