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Puma evoSPEED 1.4 FG Electric Blue/Lemonade/White/Orange Clown Fish



Youth Team
Thank you!!!

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nice work bro.. I was expecting a decent version and not the one I made ​​myself using existing textures hahaha tnks a lot master!


Youth Team
Thanks a lot, gyus!
Patrichos92;3887961 said:
It's fantastic like always :D But the bump should be that inverted?
Yeah, I was surprise too, but it's the correct bump for that model
FormotioN 94;3887962 said:
rout, just noticed this small mistake, pls fix it!
Ahh, true, I'll fix it in a few hours, thanks, mate!


Youth Team
FormotioN 94;3888709 said:
Master, will you also make blue/orange tricks colorway of evoPOWER and evoSPEED?!
Yeah, I hope I can make it before the new generation of evoPOWER will be released in january

zico99;3889071 said:
Please make the evoSPEED based on the new model
I'm still in progress to adapt my evoSPEED SL for the new FIFA 16 model, cause the guys from EA decided to make the new model for SL instead of regular evoSPEED :/ If someone has the new FIFA 16 3D model for Rhinoceros, please let me know, it will make my job much easier


Youth Team
john_shadow8;3890317 said:
here rout, I added it in puma sub-menu no65
Thanks a lot, mate, it is absolutely great! But, as it always happens, I've got 2 news. The good one is that now I've got the correct model and I know what to do, the other one, and it's not so good - I must redraw some parts of the template, plus it affects on new reflex and bump as well, so, I must say, thanks a lot to EA for my enjoyable evenings for a whooole damn week :)