That's it?!


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So I got 80/80 in rule the street mode, and what's there to do in the game now?!

It's a cool game at first, but very little replay value IMO


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no thast it

it says in the previews and stuff tehres unlockables but really there isnt its just the pitches and the players u have access to already and teh clothing is baasically already unlokced for all players except ur created player also all the game balls are guessin every 1st game is realy limited they alwasy save stuff up for the 2nd and 3rd so i say in the 2nd they will ahve legends and maybe a feature were u can create ur own shoe or possibly court lik in nba street V3 also i wanna see street legends lik in the nba street games those guys are kool wen EA makes there own created players and alot more courts and the holland team:rolleyes:


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Well hopefully is the 2nd one they add alot more, like creating a stadium and whatever. Because in NBA Street v3 it looks like a pretty cool feature. Well also they made this to see what people's reactions are with the first game, now yea they should of added more but if they see alot of people care for the game hopefully they'll add more unlockables and mode features and detail to the next game.


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i still think its fun. just a bit too short. If u look at NFL 1 and 2 they are the same type of career games.. so... :)

yeah i like the game! cant wait to play with a friend and see what its like!


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Playing with a friend is the best. I love it

Ya they definately should add a legends mode. I want to see people like Pele, Eusebio, Cruyff, Beckenbauer, Keegan, VAN BASTEN, Baggio, Romario, Lev Yashin and people like that. They were the true legends of the game


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Yes, that's a great idea, they should give you a choice; street mode or legends mode. It can make the game much longer and funner.

And lets say you finish one mode, your team can play against the All-Star Legends team, which would be composed of many of the great players who made the game what it is today, players like Pelé,Maradonna etc... And once you beat them, thats when you should be crowned king of the street!(H)


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im just startin to play rule the street after gettin bored with it...i think the "real" unlockables are the pitches...u can only play in brazil, new york and france...then u unlock more as u progress in the game...